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My name is Richard Kelley. I'm an ER doctor, published author, fitness enthusiast, and physical transformation coach. 

I started my fitness journey back in the 90's, gaining over 30 pounds while in medical school at Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine and Dentistry, and during the ensuing years of my medical and surgical residency years.  I entered that world with the goal of helping people get healthier, and I came out the of end of the education process, fat, lethargic and miserable!

I was tired all the time and knew I needed to make some changes if I wanted to look and feel my best. I began to study how fitness enthusiasts and professional bodybuilders sculpted their physiques and soon began to implement those lessons into my daily routine. 

The weight slowly came off and my energy levels were restored. I was more alert and felt better than I had in years.

It was at this point I made the decision to help others learn a process that's simply not taught in medical school. In fact, there was no point in my medical training that focused on 'optimizing' the physical body, through great nutrition, fitness and a truly healthy lifestyle.

What I learned through my medical training is that traditional medicine is really 'sick care,' and the focus is almost entirely on dealing with illnesses, many of which have their root cause, steeped in poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle choices. 

So in 2006, my wife, Sherrill and I opened our fitness and weight loss clinic, Physician's Way Healthy Weight-Loss, based in Austin, TX. 

We saw thousands of patients, and helped them shed unwanted pounds by teaching them how to create healthy eating habits and make small mindset shifts which enabled them to succeed in changing their health and physical bodies. 

Unfortunately, we had to close this business due to the 2008 recession, but my desire to help others achieve the healthiest, fittest version of themselves has never faded.

I've been fortunate to be able to transition the protocol I taught to patients in our clinic, and bring it to the online space in the form of personal coaching as well as my 'Fitness Response® 90-Day Challenge,' which focuses on helping men and women struggling with weight-related pre and type 2 diabetes, lose weight, get fit and reverse these lifestyle conditions. 

I live the life that I preach, and continue to eat a healthy diet and follow a consistent workout regimen, 6-7 days/week. I believe that that by making fitness and optimal nutrition a priority in our daily lives, the quality of our lives and the way we feel each day, simply gets better in so many ways.

I'm here to help you find the fittest, healthiest version of yourself, and to live this way too.

I can't wait to help YOU achieve your goals and look forward to working with you!
My Published Articles & Books

  • "How to Burn 2 Million Calories" - Redbook, July 2012
  •  "Better Shoulders Fast…the Arnold Way!’ - Oxygen, May 2012
  •  "Change Your Mindset and Your Lifestyle in"  - Austin Lifestyle Magazine, Jan/Feb 2013
  •  "Access to Care…The Greatest Innovation We Will See in 2014 and Beyond" - Austin MD Magazine, March/April 2014
  •  "Your Unlimited Potential…Removing the Barriers and Limiting Beliefs from Your Life" - Austin MD Magazine, May/June 2014
Fitness is a daily priority for me...
How I Look Today (Age 59)
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